Pre-Writing Shapes

What makes pre-writing shapes so important? Pre-writing shapes are the building blocks of learning to write, read and do math. A child who has mastered their pre-writing shapes will find Kindergarten much easier. At what age should your child have the following mastered:

  • Vertical Line-Age 2 years
  • Horizontal Line-2 1/2 years
  • Circle-3 years
  • Cross-4 years
  • Square-5 years
  • X-5 years
  • Triangle-5 1/2 years
  • Diamond-7 years

All of these shapes are the building blocks of your ABC’s. For example horizontal and vertical lines are the building blocks of F and E. The ability to do a circle is necessary before attempting O, P, Q, R, etc. If your child is behind in their ABC’s check to make sure that they know how to do their pre-writing shapes that are age-appropriate.

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