Facial Imitation Game

As your child is developing it is a great idea to teach them about facial expressions and emotions. A person’s ability to correctly understand facial expressions on other people and then replicate facial expressions is an important part of social behavior. Many children who have a hard time making eye contact are able to enjoy this game. You can practice facial imitations while your child is either playing across from you or entertained on a swing with the ability to look at your face. Sing the song, “If you’re happy and you know it…” and add the facial expression that you want them to imitate. Some examples are, “If you’re happy and you know it make a happy face…”, “If you’re sad and you know it make a sad face”, “If you’re silly and you know it make a silly face”. This game is also great for practicing oral motor exercises such as, stick out your tongue, tongue lateralization, blow a kiss, buzz your lips like a bee, pucker your lips, make a fish face, etc. If your child has a hard time doing this the first time do not get discouraged! Start with whatever facial expression is easiest for them and keep practicing.

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