The ABC’s of Movement

A fun and creative way of combining movement experiences with the alphabet, that allows the child to learn letters and make literary connections while improving their gross motor skills.

         26 cards alphabet cards.

         Front has full color photograph of a child demonstrating each letter movement.

         Back has instructions to trace the letter, a rhyming sentence, and performance instructions.

         As well as modifications for children with special needs and gross motor domain addressed.

Benefits include:

  • Great activity to increase body awareness.
  • Improved bilateral coordination allows the hands and feet to work well together.
  • Promotes crossing midline by reaching across the middle of the body with the hand or leg.
  • Great for kinesthetic learners.
  • Beneficial for children with special needs such as Autism, Down syndrome and mild cerebral palsy.


EX: C- Crab Walk- Crab Walks help to engage your child’s abdominal, shoulder, back and hip muscles as they press their feet and palms to the ground to raise their rear end off of the floor and incorporates coordination between arms and legs.

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