Sensory Bath Time

Bath time can be a great time to grow and explore! What are some fun things that you can do with your kids to make bath time more sensory?

  • Oatmeal Bath-put oatmeal straight into bath water and let your child explore the texture
  • Foam letters in the bathtub-practice your ABC’s in the bath tub
  • Shaving Cream-put shaving cream on the walls and practice writing your ABC’s and 123’s
  • Baking Soda Bath-a great texture to put in the bath and good for sensitive skin
  • Cup Play-bath time is a great time to practice bringing an open cup to the mouth and drinking
  • Bath tub chalk-practice those pre-writing shapes and drawing using bath tub chalk in the tub and on the walls.
  • Bath paint-put some food coloring in the shaving cream to get fun colors and let your kids explore the colors in the bath tub.
  • Make your own bath fizzies compliments of Martha Stewart-
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