Matching Hearts

Cut out hearts in a variety of sizes and colors and then cut them in half. You may want to laminate the hearts for increased durability. Put half of the hearts up on the wall and then the other half on the other side of the room. Put sticky tape or velcro on the back of the heart so that it can stick to the wall. Direct your child to take half of the heart and then find the matching half on the wall, sticking it to the wall. You can increase the difficulty of the task by adding gross motor exercises and following directions by saying, “Get the red heart and jump like a kangaroo all the way to the wall and then find it’s match”, or “Grab a little heart and gallop all of the way to the wall and find the matching heart”. If the child makes incorrect matches encourage them to keep trying with words like “Good trying, how about this match instead?” and demonstrate for them the correct match. You can also use this activity to put apples on the tree, facial features on the face, animals in the forest, berries in the garden, etc.

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