Help to Bully Proof Your Kids!

Bully-Proofing Guidelines, excerpt taken from John F. Taylor, Ph.D


Many kids go through a time in life where they find themselves being bullied. What are some good ways to help your child get through the bullying and stop themselves being victimized?


Talk with friends-Learn from those who have already been bullying victims about how to cope with and quash bullying.


Talk with adults-Talk with teachers, bus drivers and other adults at school about their ideas for responding to potential bullying moments.


Don’t ignore-Occasionally, ignoring a potential bully works. But usually it simply goads the bully to increase the bullying effort until the student shows significant distress. The bully’s goal is to cause pain and suffering, and bullies tend to keep on until that pain and suffering becomes evident. Ignoring them usually just prolongs their efforts.


Tell them to stop-Stand up for yourself. Keep your voice calm, firm and strong: “Stop that. I don’t like it.” “I’m going to report you if you don’t leave me alone.”


Walk toward people-Stay calm and walk away. Head toward wherever there are lots of people. Bullies are less likely to bully if adults or large numbers of students who are strong are nearby.


Run for your life-If the bully has any kind of weapon, including a block of wood, brick, chain, club, bat, or knife, run as fast as you can towards a safe place. Try to find a house with an adult present. Stores are great because they are open and there is always an  adult present. Bang on the front door. Scream loudly “Help!!!”


Watch where you walk-Most bullies attack on sidewalks. Go to the office and arrange to get a ride whenever you suspect there might be a problem. Wait in the school until your ride comes.


Don’t fight back-Bullies pick on you because they know they are stronger and meaner than you are. So you’re not going to win if you fight them. Besides, you can even get in trouble for fighting them.


Talk, don’t yell-Yelling at them also does no good. The only way to deal with them with your mouth is to speak firmly and calmly and tell them to stop.

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