Body Awareness Sticker Game

Help your child identify their body parts! Have your child lay on a large sheet of paper, larger than themselves.  Trace around the child’s body so that you can see the outline of the body including head, arms, hands, legs, feet, and torso. Draw a face including eyes, nose, and mouth into facial area. Tape the paper outline of the child’s body to the wall. Seat child in front of paper and give them a sticker one at a time while asking them to put the sticker on a specific body part. For example, “put the sticker on the nose”. You can make the activity more challenging by giving more directions such as, “hop on one foot and put a sticker on the arm body part”. You can continue this activity until the figure is covered in stickers. You can use a different variety of stickers and use fun movements in between getting the sticker and getting to the paper such as crawling, rolling, walking on tip toes, stomping. Adapt by having the child put stickers on their own body parts, on body parts of stuffed animal, or on body parts of small drawing of person.

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