Astronaut Training Program

What is the Astronaut Training program and why do we do it here at Littlefield? We will let the Astronaut Training protocol book do the talking:

“Although not always acknowledged, the vestibular system is central to our survival as well as to our ability to function in daily life. Vestibular deficits are often found in children with delayed motor development, perceptual or attention deficits, learning disabilities, emotional problems, language disorders, and autism. For example, gravitational insecurity may underlie a child’s fear of being moved, swinging and climbing at the playground, or riding on an escalator. The vestibular system teams up with the auditory and visual systems to perform many important tasks by helping us understand the 3-dimensional space, or spatial envelope, that surrounds us wherever we go. Through the proper functioning of our Vestibular-Auditory-Visual Triad the sights and sounds of our world become meaningful and entice us to move, explore, and engage with objects, people, and events…The dynamic interaction between the members of the Vestibular-Auditory-Visual Triad provides the backdrop for virtually everything we do and thus determines much about the quality of our lives. Listening to the carefully selected music and space-sounds on the enclosed CD while engaging in the specific head, body, and eye activities described in this book can improve vestibular function. These activities are our version of Astronaut Training: a sound activated vestibular-visual protocol designed to enhance the dynamic interplay of moving, looking and listening.”

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